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Attendance Information

District Attendance Policies
Tips & Tricks: You can check your child's attendance online using Powerschool
attend today, achieve tomorrow.

Help your child succeed in school: Build the habit of good attendance early. Good attendance will help children do well in high school, college, and at work. 

Students can suffer academically if they miss 10% of the school year or about 18 days. That's just one day every two weeks.

2 absences per month x 9 months of school = less likely to graduate from high school

Research shows that missing 2-3 days a month can result in:

  • 3rd-grade students falling behind in reading
  • 6th-grade students failing courses
  • Teens dropping out of high school 

Sporadic absences matter. Just one or two days a month can add up before you know it!

If you are facing challenges related to health care, unstable housing, transportation, or lack of food, your school can help. We can connect you to services for the whole family.

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Krissy Estes

Data Manager

Questions about our attendance policy?  Contact our data manager or your child's teacher.

p: 828-478.2662

When your child is returning to school after an absence, please send either a note from your child's doctor or note written by you with an explanation of the need for the absence. Thank you!

Are you planning an educational opportunity for your child that will mean they will be out of school for any period of time? This Request for Educational Opportunity form must be filled out and approved by our principal prior to the absence. Please allow for enough time for Mr. Fowler to review your request before your trip.